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Kernel Recipes: videos and slides are available on line!

The 8th edition of Kernel Recipes took place in september in Paris. Still another great edition we were lucky to propose. A great quote from Greg Kroah-Hartman (aka Greg KH):

« Comment said to me about the Kernel Recipes conference that just wrapped up: it is a gemstone in the conference world. And I totally agree. The amount of things over the years that have been presented here first is amazing for such a “small” conference »

Available now all the talks of all the previous editions on Kernel Recipes archives.

Once again, a big thank you to our speakers who have once again made themselves available to our participants and discuss topics this year: Greg KH, Jonathan Corbet, Steven Rostedt, Jesper Dangaard Brouer, Dodji Seketeli, Matthias Männich, Jessica Yu, Eric Leblond, Joel Fernandes, Alexei Starovoitov, Enric Balletbo and Serra, Bradley Kuhn, Rafael Wysocki, Christian Brauner, Gustavo AR Silva, Thomas Gleixner, Jean Delvare, Julien Jens Axboe, Jose E Marchesi, Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Aurélien Rougemont and David Miller. We held auctions for the benefit this year of the Software Freedom Conservancy. More than 1000 € have been collected, a big thank you to all the donors! A very big thank you also to Anisse Astier for his performance throughout his live blog and to Frank Tizzoni for watching these three days of his sharp eyes. Finally, our thanks go to our sponsors without whom we could not propose this event in such an accessible way: ARMFacebook, ANSIIGandi.netVMwareCriteoHAProxy TechnologiesLogilinopenSUSECollaboraLibre ComputerAgilack et BayLibre.

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