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First week of confinement, we are moving forward despite everything

The first week of confinement ended, a little in the cahos, often disorganization, sometimes discouragement but above all with a lot of hope. Because all of the nursing staff, garbage collectors, supermarket staff, etc. are always on deck to make sure that we get through this crisis as smoothly as possible. So high hearts, we don’t give up and hang on. hupstream, Arnaud and Anne, we continue to offer our services remotely. We support our clients to provide them with the tools they need to adapt to these new working conditions and thus ensure the continuity of their services. We are of course always available on our core business: the Open Source system base and the working tools for the development, maintenance and deployment of these bases. Our services are described on the site, do not hesitate to contact us. We will also continue our distance training. It’s time to take the time to develop your skills and a number of helpers in these special circumstances can also help you.
If this employee decides to take training during his non-working hours, he will then receive 100% of his hourly net salary. The employee can now access all types of vocational training during non-working hours.official text
A special thanks to our accounting firm which facilitates all the administrative side of setting up aid and other crisis management, which allows us to focus on something else. Finally we also try to use our skills and help National Education. We have provided servers and services to allow the local primary school to offer videoconferencing to students and teachers but also a blog to put online a blog organized by the students themselves. In short, reweaving a social link that has been undermined by the current crisis. And all this with free software of course! Take care of all of you, take care of your loved ones, and above all stay at home! Freely Arnaud and Anne, hupstream

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