Utiliser des conteneurs avec la technologie Docker

Use containers with Docker technologies

Our courses are offered in inter-company according to the proposed schedule below. We can also move within your entity. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information!

Training goals

The use of containers is probably one of the most popular topics today in the field of system administration and projects: develop, test, deploy are all use cases.

We offer training tailored to your needs based on an advanced knowledge of the basic building blocks on which Docker technologies, an acknowledged experience in the open source environment, are based. Understand the fundamentals and the imperatives of security to better use it, these are our objectives in this training


  • Duration :  2 days
  • Level : intermediary
  • Price : 650 € HT
  • Participants : 3 to 8 people


The training will alternate theoretical contributions and implementation of each notion addressed.

The training will also include the deployment of a docker-based infrastructure.


  • Overview
  • Vocabulary
  • Overall architecture


  • Installation
  • User rights

First images and containers

  • Create an image from scratch
  • Using an existing image
  • Using an existing container
  • Deleting a docker image

Dockerfile: detailed instructions

Example: PostgreSQL – building an image

  • Dockerfile
  • Test


  • volumes
  • Data container
  • Docker volume
  • Storage drivers


  • Default configuration
  • User defined network


  • Access to the demon
  • Using images
  • User namespace
  • Inter container communication
  • User namespace


  • Update an image
  • Microservice
  • Cleaning old containers
  • Size of images
  • Package repository indexes
  • Archives

Our next training dates

  •  18 and 19 february 2019
  • 2 and 3 may 2019
  • 9 and 10 september 2019
  • 18 and 19 november 2019

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