upstream integration

Your improvements integrated with open source software that you use

to reduce your maintenance costs

  • Your team has made changes to Open Source software and you need to maintain them?
  • You want to do upstream uploads but the project procedures are blocking you?
  • Does your internal policy not allow you to contribute directly to upstream projects?

We certainly allow you to enjoy all the benefits of open source.

The basic offer

an audit of changes / corrections made or to be made
managing the discussion with upstream projects: expectations, contribution policies, integration monitoring …
monitoring the integration of upstream contributions


Audit and standardization of existing repositories
Management of several hardware architectures
Crop the existing packaging (bootstrap)
Packages signature
Automatic check of packages
Multi-node management,
Optimization of build environments (LVM snapshots, butterfs, chroots – depending on needs and infrastructure)
Additional training: implementation, good packaging practices, development, development tools, tailor-made adaptations



of resources by sharing the feedback of your changes and taking advantage of that of other companies


of time and money thanks to the feedback of changes to the upstream project, thus shifting the maintenance burden to the latter


increase in the tool thanks to the feedback of contributions