An open source expert network

Our network of Open Source experts at your service for your project.

There are a multitude of open source projects that bring you answers and solutions in many areas (infrastructure, network, security, applications …). Each of these projects is managed by a particular community, relayed or not by a commercial structure.

The implementation of your project, specific, will involve dedicated developments, based on one or more of these bricks.

You can then use developers internally or externally.

With regard to external developers, there are two categories of company:

  • rather generalist service companies, which will ensure this development with little or no connection with upstream projects (low expertise and sustainability of works)
  • specialized companies on a particular brick, in connection with the upstream project, or even part of it. They are often smaller and above all extremely dispersed.

It is difficult to identify the right providers, given the multiplicity of publishers, the abundance of existing solutions, and the various modes of organization of these.

We propose you to be your sole interlocutor by identifying and supervising for you the companies or people qualified for your needs. We manage the contract and the project, we are your interface with your service providers.