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hupstream is 10 yearsold!

Our skills


15 years of contributions in the open source environment have allowed us to better understand how projects work, their methods and their tools. Contribute and teach how to contribute are our strengths.


Open Source is a guarantee of efficiency and robustness. We support you in its integration and dissemination with a rigorous industrialization process.


Sustainability and transmission of know-how are essential for us. Our training programs pursue these objectives to give you control over your solutions.


One of the strengths of Open Source lies in the extremely dense network of projects available today. Our 15 years of presence in this environment allow us to mobilize these actors at the service of our customers or in the context of conferences.

We help you get the most out of Open Source

Our services

Linux kernel We provide you with our Linux kernel expertise across a wide range of hardware platforms (x86, ARM, MIPS, PPC). We accompany you on your hardware and software choices, to improve the performance of an existing, to take this existing, to correct bugs, offer advice on best practices …

Training One of the founding values of Open Source is the sharing of knowledge to better mutualize development efforts. In respect of this value, we have set ourselves the role of supporting our customers and making them autonomous on these technologies. Training is an important part of this support, so we include it in our offer.

Integration Integrating one’s own choices, whether developed by an existing project or internally, poses a number of questions: versioning management, adaptation to the existing base, interactions with existing bricks, maintenance over time in a environment that also evolves …

An open source experts network The open source sector is characterized by a multitude of solutions, small publishers and experts. We help you identify the best ones to implement your choices. We propose you to be your unique interlocutor by identifying and putting you in contact in the best conditions.

Our clients

Last news

One worktree per branch

New week, new tricky problem! Who has never needed to test two features offered by two different branches, at the same time or almost ... Apart from cloning  the project twice, running its tests and making any corrections that you forget to push to the server at one...

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I want to keep my modifications locally!

Here's a problem to solve: I'm working on a code repository including a configuration file. This file is provided by the upstream project. I need to modify it locally for my tests but I definitely don't want to commit my modifications and even less push them to the...

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hupstream a 10 ans !

Ce mois de mai 2021 n'est pas un mois comme un autre pour hupstream. Nous fêtons notre 10e anniversaire ! Parfois un peu étonnés par cette longévité mais en même temps fiers du travail accompli ! hupstream est né d'une bonne dose d'inconscience à l'époque : néophytes...

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Très belle année 2021

Très belle année 2021 à tous ! Comme vous, nous souhaitons une année de retour à la normale au quotidien. En attendant, prenez soin de vous et de vos proches !

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