Our kernel expertise to support you in your projects

  • You have developed your own drivers and the kernel update is problematic for their integration
  • You have in your product code developed some time ago and you do not know how to evaluate and maintain it
  • You want to make major changes in the hardware architecture of your product but lack visibility given the existing and the choices to be made

  • You have hardware that is not supported by the Linux distribution you are using
  • You want to benefit from a newer kernel for the needs of your project

  We offer you tailor-made service to evaluate, develop, train

Our offer


With you we analyze your existing through a detailed audit

  • hardware architecture choices: x86, ARM, MIPS
  • the code base “house”
  • the chosen system base
  • the versions used …


We submit our conclusions and with you, we build the answers to your needs:


  • driver development
  • bugfix
  • code documentation
  • Existing code cleanup
  • kernel features backport
  • existing code recovery
  • packaging for distribution integration
  • upstream upstream development …

They trust us