Kernel Recipes 2019

25 to 27 september 2019,  Paris

Embedded Recipes 2019

22 and 23 september 2019,  Paris

Our contribution to Open Source

We started Kernel Recipes in 2012. The idea was to propose a conference accessible to everyone in France. The purpose of this conference was to allow the participants to discuss with the major contributors of the nucleus but also to everyone to propose an intervention on their favorite subject.

One presentation at a time, lunches to continue the exchanges, a lot of conviviality.

We had more and more proposals related to the embedded, so we decided to propose a second conference, working on the same model: Embedded Recipes was born.


Greg Kroah-Hartman, Jonathan Corbet, Steven Rostedt, Tejun Heo, Borislav Petkov, Willy Tarreau, Jens Axboe, Kevin Hilman, Stefan Hajnoczi, Martin Peres, Maxime Ripard, Hans Verkuil, Jiri Slaby, Thomas Petazzoni, Eric ,Leblond, Yann E. Morin, Julia Lawall, Jean Delvare, Frédéric Weisbecker, David Woodhouse et bien d ‘autres…

What people say about Kernel Recipes

“This conference has all of the stable kernel maintainers, 1/2 the kernel security team and many subsystem maintainers all in 1 room #kr2017.”

Greg KH, Linux Foundation, n°2

“Oh definitely, that goes without saying. I’ve enjoyed everything about KR the two times I’ve gone. It’s refreshingly different, in a good way.”

Jens Axboe, Facebook

“That’s quite a bit of stuff from a single event!”

Jonathan Corbet,

“I thought KR was one of the best events I went to last year, and I would be happy to return.”

Steven Rostedt, VmWare