Our offer

Open Source offers a myriad of powerful solutions, from low-level layers of the system or network to application layers. If the distributions do a lot of work of choice, integration, maintenance, the software scope is sometimes limited. This raises the problem of integrating one’s own choices, whether developed by an existing project or internally. Among the common questions: versioning management, adaptation to existing basement, interactions with existing bricks, maintenance over time in an environment that also evolves …

All his questions, we approach them with you to establish the best way of working to obtain the best and the most durable in time.

Our domain of predilection: from the low level system to the services of infrastructure. We will propose you only what we control but we work within the framework of a network of partners and we will be able to build with you a complete offer to answer your needs .

  • Upstream integration
  • Software packaging
  • Custom Linux system
  • Software factory