Software factory

A complete Linux build system, collaborative,

dedicated to your developments to master your own Linux distribution

  • Does your team use a Linux distribution for your workstations, servers, or a system socket for a product?
  • Do you maintain business components or modify existing software?
  • Your infrastructure depends on a specific version of a distribution?

The setup of a build system is there to simplify your life.

Our offer


Base offer

Audit of the existing
On-site installation of a server
Standard boot configuration
Documentation and training for getting started
User Manager, Groups and Access Rights
Version Manager for sources and packages
Package build system
Distribution build system
Test systems and report, for sources, packages, and final distribution
Control panels
Centralized Configuration Manager (Ansible)


Audit and standardization of existing repositories
Management of several hardware architectures
Crop the existing packaging (bootstrap)
Signature of packages,
Automatic check of packages
Multi-node management,
Optimization of build environments (LVM snapshots, butterfs, chroots – depending on needs and infrastructure)
Additional training: implementation, good packaging practices, development, development tools, tailor-made adaptations



in the long run all of your software packages.


your packages through the quality tests provided by the distributions and complete them with your own tests.


Check your packages against standard quality testing of distributions, or add your own tests.


time and reduce the risk of error by automating build management of packages and software repositories.


the integrity of your software packages by compiling all distributed packages in the repository in a known, controlled environment


all your software packages thanks to the version manager. All changes are retained and can be inspected at any time.