High availability Linux in airports



  • release the editor from any support constraints of the system base,
  • provide an easy solution to install and configure to focus on its software solution.

The context

An aerospace industry editor wanted to rework the edition of a real-time passenger information software suite.

This suite works thanks to a service infrastructure provided by a Linux server (messaging, directory, network services, file sharing, high availability …).

The need

Their suite requires a custom configuration of all these services.

The disadvantages of their suite

  • The implementation of this system base is complex and long, which leads to bugs.
  • The non-automated post-installation phase is tedious and error-prone

The request

Clear the editor of any system socket support constraints

 Provide a solution that is easy to install and configure to focus on its software solution

With our solution

The editor can install quickly and automatically:

  • The system base
  • The required software packages
  • The scripts for setting up the desired configuration


The total installation time of a system is automatically set up and in 30 minutes instead of one hour.

Delivered and updated



hupstream contributions

  • Packaging of the entire high availability stack for Mageia