Custom Linux systems

An operating system that looks like you to facilitate the deployment of your OS

  • Are you spending too much time integrating your developments into a Linux system?
  • Your development is not reproducible because too dependent on requirements related to dependencies or versions?
  • You want to customize (visual identity, application layer …) a Linux system to equip a fleet of workstations or servers?

We release for you a Linux distribution that fits your needs with an easy deployment

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Our offer

Choose a distribution


     the installation parameters

     the software layer to provide

    Add options


    Audit and standardization of existing repositories
    Management of several hardware architectures
    Crop the existing packaging (bootstrap)
    Packages signature,
     Automatic check for packages,
     Multi-nodes management,
    Optimization of build environments (LVM snapshots, butterfs, chroots – depending on needs and infrastructure)
    Additional training: implementation, good packaging practices, development, development tools, tailor-made adaptations


    Time saving

    during deployment with an optimized installation


    of the installed park thanks to the automatic configuration


    of maintenance through the use of a proven base system


    of the operation of the software package or the application layer because of the specialization of the OS